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Add some swing to your weekend

11 Jun

Belated Memorial Day

26 Jun

It is unlike me to not recognize Memorial Day in some public forum, but I didn’t this year because I couldn’t find how I wanted to do it. Well, I came across this video today. You can’t beat Norah Jones and PBS.

Bands who Twitter, bands who Tube

4 Jun

I find some bands’ additions to the social media world extremely amusing at times. I want to share some.


matkearney coldplays drummer was at the radio city show… i said “hey richard” he said “my names will”. i said “exactly”
BoyceAvenue I don’t know how or why but every once in a while I get a Little Mermaid song stuck in my head. Sebastian, what a crustacean sensation.
BoyceAvenue All kids love sandboxes. All sandboxes smell like cat pee. Therefore, all kids smell like cat pee?
BoyceAvenue Crazy that some sponges are alive, right? The modern-day sponge I hope is modeled after the sea sponge, the most absorbent of all sponges.
BoyceAvenue Ever accidentally sit on toilet with both seats/lids up? It’s the worst. Not sure why, but just feels so cold & foreign … & yuckie!


Another Starfield video that makes me laugh.
A Stellar Kart video that makes me laugh.

In the Mood to Jump, Jive and Wail

2 Jun
Tiffiny Wine, 23 Skidoo, Denver

Tiffiny Wine, 23 Skidoo, Denver

I realized that I haven’t shown any evidence of my blog’s namesake or proof of it’s description – as authored by a swing lover.

Here are some of my favorite videos of swing dancing. I watch them in awe of the dancers’ mastery and style.

Skye and Frida   Skye and Frida 2   Kevin and Sarah
Dan and Tiffiny   Kevin and Emily


"Social" Network Generation?

28 Mar

For fellow fans of The Office

22 Mar

Screen shot. Enjoy.

A Favorite Commercial

8 Mar

I don’t know where or when this commercial was actually on TV; I’ve only seen it online. It’s an old favorite.

Amusing video

2 Mar