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The more tired you are the comfier it becomes, etc.

10 May

Have you noticed how much more comfortable that hard couch, thin futon, or feet-smelling carpet becomes when you’re very tired? The increase in comfiness is directionally proportional to how glorious it feels to close your eyes. Your body ceases to feel the springs poking into your sides; your senses fail to detect the lights and noises that might otherwise hinder sleep.

It makes me think of Lampy on Brave Little Toaster, plunking down on that rock for the night. Anybody!? As children’s movies often are, Brave Little Toaster (1987) was strange and somewhat disturbing, but I do have fond memories of watching it. And Lampy was my favorite.

Just one of those things.

Here’s a random peeve about traveling: I like pilots… especially when they tell jokes on the PA. But why do they insist on telling passengers what direction and speed the wind is blowing on the ground at the arrival destination? “Alright folks, sorry about the turbulence there. Better the plane be shaken than stirred – ha ha! We should be touching down in Sacramento in the next 30 minutes, where it’s a breezy 65 degrees. And get this: that breeze is coming from the northwest at 17 miles per hour!” Thank you, Captain Weathervane.