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Fanatical teenyboppers through the ages

12 Apr


Old Blue Eyes





In the 40s it was Frank Sinatra.




Beatle Mania






In the 60s it was The Beatles.




I woke up in love this morning






In the 70s it was David Cassidy.




Check the hair






In the 80s it was Jon Bon Jovi.




I kissed his poster







In the 90s it was Hanson… specifically Taylor.



The Biebs






And now… well, you know.





What do these riot-causers have in common? Besides causing young girls to have completely irrational daydreams of marrying them, causing young girls to hyperventilate, and even causing them to faint.

The thing they have in common is the plastering of their faces on the pages of Tiger Beat, the magazine founded in 1965 by Charles Laufer, who just passed away. Okay… Frank Sinatra was too early for it, but I just love the term for his teenybopper followers: bobby sox.

I was no exception to the phenomenon of fanatical tween devotion to oh-so-cute famous boys: I really did kiss my Taylor Hanson poster(s).

News flash: Transition

7 Apr

I have moved my LindseyTube blog from Blogger to WordPress, and changed the name to Basie’s Boots. (Sorry, Blogger).

It’s a very fun name, no? It’s from a Frank Sinatra lyric in the song “Come Dance With Me,” which made reference to the big-band era’s The Count Basie Orchestra.

Still the same blog, though: a bunch of random stuff from me. Some posts reflect my journalism career, and some are just me trying to tickle you with silly things that tickle me.

Hope to have you back soon.