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Army Tragedies Become Public Information

9 Mar

According to Stripes.com, the Army will begin releasing the number of soldier suicides in monthly reports (per the consent of family members).

“In February, two soldiers took their lives and another 16 deaths are suspected suicides, the Army announced on Thursday. That compares with 12 confirmed suicides and 12 suspected suicides in January.
The number of soldiers who have killed themselves increased from 115 in 2007 to 143 in 2008,”
according to Stripes reporter Jeff Schogol.

So, this is troubling!! It seems like for how much the military is working on reintegration programs for single members and those with families, there is still too much damage the troops bring back and can’t deal with.

Do any of you know a military member serving in the war zone?

I know one soldier and one airman. I also know a 23-year-old widow, and a man who wears an Army bracelet to honor his friend who died.

Military stuff always perks my ear since I consider the armed forces (the USAF, in particular) part of my heritage. My grandpa and dad served for 20 years each. I lived on, or near and connected to, military bases until I was 20. This August, when I turn 23, I will lose something I’ve carried with me since I was 10: my military identification card. That will be a really sad day for me.

Lastly, I am going to post this poem I wrote a few years ago. Memorial Day isn’t until May when this poem would be most appropriate, but what if I’m not keeping this blog then? I think I better share it now. I wrote it after visiting one of the American military cemeteries in Europe, where thousands of white, marble headstones make the perfectly green grass and trees look somber and beautiful.