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Unlikely Soundtrack Has Big Impact

25 May

I never watched the late 90s/early ’00s teen drama show Dawson’s Creek, but I do have the soundtrack. I, like so many others, loved that popalicious hit “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. Since I couldn’t find the band’s album, I bought the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack for that song. Sixpence is great, but the whole soundtrack ended up pleasantly surprising me.

Two songs on that CD stuck with me and gave me reason to become a fan, to this day, of James Maddock and Curtis Stigers. The songs are, respectively, “Stay You” (by Wood, Maddock’s former band) and “To Be Loved.” I definitely boast of both muscians’ music, but James Maddock is really a diamond in the rough.

James Maddock

James Maddock

While Stigers is a contemporary jazz singer and saxophonist, Maddock is of the acoustic genre. He once lightheartedly described his music as “folk rock fantasy,” and I love how perfect a catchphrase that is for him.

Lyrically, his self-written music is a great mix of hopeful love, hurtful love, reminisced memories, social satire and life experiences. He’s a guitarist, harmonica player and, as far as I know, is fluent on other instruments. And for all this he is… virtually unknown. He has some big-name support (from Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen, for one), but his career hasn’t yet lifted off into the oblivion of music success.

I mind this since his limited resources prevents him from touring much at all. At the same time I don’t mind being one in his small fan base since it means he can still communicate personally with us!

I’m glad I got that television soundtrack and know the music of this great song master.