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Missing Oceanic Delight

25 Mar

I lived very near the ocean for a total of 7 years as a kid. I sure miss it now. Just after New Years I went to the town in California (Lompoc) where I lived during middle school.
I went to visit an old friend, and I made him drive me out to a beach my parents would bring me to. I took the photo there.
It was chilly, but sunny and fresh and exhilarating. I wanted to really let my inner child loose and run around with my arms in the air, but I guess I proved too reserved for that.
On missing people, things or places:
I think missing has a place because it makes you appreciative. Maybe it makes you tell people you love them more than you would being around them a lot, for instance. (And isn’t voicing love a nice thing?)
At the same time, it’s exhausting to be missing every day for a long time.
Who or what do you miss?