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Care about human trafficking?

1 Mar

The human trafficking and child sex slave industry is huge, and unfortunately it ain’t going anywhere soon. Especially when the demand, the culture, the similar industries, and the excuses keep supporting it.

I don’t claim to be any sort of an expert. I’m just sharing a few awesome resources for anyone else who wants to know more about this problem.

The A21 Campaign, the International Justice Mission, and Love 146 are a few organizations dedicated to combating human trafficking. They are inspired by the Christian call to social justice.

New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof wrote several investigative pieces on the problem. (Just enter search terms such as “sex slavery” or “Cambodia”  into the search of all his columns at the bottom of his link.)

Here is the Department of State’s Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, for more info and reports and such.

GEMS in New York is a rehabilitation-type program for girls who are coerced, brutalized, and/or threatened  into “the life” on the streets. Featured on their website is a documentary called Very Young Girls, about young teens in New York City who were forced into prostitution by those very means. The site also lists resources in other states.

There are tons and tons of other resources and organizations! It’s a big issue. Here is an AWESOME video that helps bring it all down to bite-size. Watch the video, then go check out the Laboratory’s website. They have even more links listed.

A Lives I Like

14 Apr

I was browsing the New York Times online, and I came across the Lives section featured in the Sunday paper.42-15196566

In the archives I found this story. It made me smile.

My wife, Lenka, and I don’t have anything against kids, but the responsibility of caring for another being, of holding the fate of a tiny defenseless soul in our shaky hands, always worried us. So a while back we got a fish.

We named him Puntja, which is the equivalent of Spot in Czech, my wife’s native language. The word for Flipper was too hard for me to pronounce. We brought him home in a plastic baggie, and soon enough we were cooing into his bowl and fretting over the temperature of his water.” … Keep reading.