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Overdue Post

18 Mar
Switzerland sky. Photo: me

Switzerland sky. Photo: me

Hello all-
Though I have been churning blog post topics around in my head for days, I haven”t been able to commit to any. Well, this post is a filler until I can make my ideas available to you. Not a crappy filler, though, so don”t you worry.
I just thought I’d share some art I admire.
When I first moved to Laramie in May of 2007, my family went to a real estate office to see what kind of housing we could get around here. We managed to find a crappy apartment on our own, but it was in the real estate office that I saw a painting where the artist had captured clouds in a way I loved.

Because I love clouds.

Anyway, I asked the owner who the artist was, and he said it was his wife, Carolyn Hoyle.
I like the “big sky”-ness of her paintings, and her still-lifes are interesting. I do like paintings of stationary fruits and vegetables and other stationary things.

Secondly, I like Phyllis Florin’s writing. She’s a middle-aged lady from Minnesota who lives in California’s bay area. It captivates me the way she writes about growing up and memories and such normal things.
More to come, stay tuned.