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Favorite Words

17 Mar

“What’s your favorite word?”


A dull, number-crunching IRS agent’s favorite word would obviously be integer.

However, once Harold Crick had his revelation and began to, as numerous punk-rock songs urged him, “live his life,” maybe his favorite word changed to tubular or righteous. Or serendipitous, sublime, succulent.

I love the movie Stranger Than Fiction, but I digress. The original question still stands: What is your favorite word?

The words on my favorite list come and go, but here are some current ones:


Sometimes it’s not even the word itself, but more how someone says it. For instance, Audrey Hepburn somehow made every word she said sound distinguished. I think I still love souffle because of how she said it in Sabrina (1954). Better to slave over a souffle than move to Butte!

Woe Is Me movies

21 Mar

When I’m feeling like a “fat, washed-up loser”* or a “useless, superficial loser”** I go for one of these four flicks to cheer me up.

*School of Rock                Stranger Than Fiction               Elizabethtown    

                                              **About A Boy

In each movie the main character is a loser, or was a winner before they screwed their life up. Harsh, but true! These people did some really lame stuff. They always makes my mistakes pale in comparison, and the happy endings make me feel better.
Anyone have another rememdy for those “I suck” days?